Knowledge for your future

The medical technology industry thrives on innovation and continues to boast excellent future prospects. In-house seminars from Schrack & Partner equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation cycles. Choose from an extensive range of topics relating to current issues in medical device manufacturing and marketing.

We are also more than happy to create tailor-made seminars and workshops to meet your needs.

Basic seminar on medical devices

Medical device consultant as per Section 83 of the German Medical Device Law Implementation Act (MPDG)

Basic seminar on risk management – Module 1

Advanced seminar and workshop on risk management – Module 2

Supplier management: Supplier qualification and monitoring

Qualification and process validation in the medical device industry – Module 1: Basics

Process validation in the medical device industry – Module 2: Workshop

Internal auditor in the medical device industry

Design control/product development – requirements in standards and laws

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) – the key process in QM systems

Authorisation of medical devices in selected non-EU countries

Workshop on Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices

The advantages of in-house seminars

  • Limit costs: In-house training eliminates lengthy journeys and travel costs for your employees.
  • Entire teams, such as developer teams and risk management teams, can all take their skills to the next level together.
  • The instructors can, if requested, discuss and analyse internal, confidential topics with the participants, who can then apply their knowledge to specific issues.
  • Flexible: The training is held at a time that suits you.


Our instructors, who are all part of Schrack & Partner's team of consultants, are experts with extensive practical experience and auditors in the medical device sector. If necessary, when tailoring a seminar to meet your needs, we will also work with instructors from our expert network.


When we offer an in-house seminar, this includes the instructor, materials for participants and, depending on the seminar, a certificate of attendance or a written examination and certificate. After agreeing to organise training for you, we will ensure that the seminar is held at a time that works for you. Other organisational elements (location, catering, furnishings) are up to you.


We offer our in-house seminars for a base price, plus a flat fee per participant. The number of participants is up to you. All materials for participants in digital format are included in the price, as is a certificate of attendance for each participant. We would be happy to provide you with an individual quote for designing a seminar to meet your needs.